Conditions of Sale

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1. Our tariffs :

The tariff per person includes V.A.T. and insurance. No change in tariff will occur during the validity period of the voucher.

2. Conditions of sale :

Reservations can only be made after the purchase of the flight ticket. For services purchased directly at HELI HORIZON or through its partners, the customer has 1 year, from the invoice, ticket or voucher issue date to make a reservation; once this validity period has expired, the service will be neither provided, nor reimbursed. Within these year, the customer must have contacted HELI HORIZON at least 15 days before the service validity end date, by e-mail, fax or mail, in order to plan an appointment date and time, without which it will expire automatically.

3. Reservation confirmation :

The flight reservations are made by phone, email or fax.

4. Cancellation :

HELI HORIZON has the right to cancel a flight for the following reasons :
– bad weather conditions,
– lack of security,
– if there isn’t a minimum of passengers registered,
– cancellation of the flight by business partners.

This cancellation can occur just before the takeoff, in this case HELI HORIZON will not be liable for travel or accommodation costs paid by the customers to go on site. In case of cancellation by the customer within 72 hours before the flight, or in case of absence of the customer at the time and date planned for the flight, the service will be neither reimbursed nor carried out at a later time. However, the customer has the possibility to cancel once his flight programming if due to an unexpected event (72 hours before the scheduled date), following that HELI HORIZON will impose a new scheduled date and time. Any flight cancelled because of bad weather conditions will be reported to a later date. After the purchase of a service at HELI HORIZON or through one of its business partners, after a legal deadline of 7 days (with reference to the law article n°L.121-16 of the consumption code) no reimbursement will be done, and this, for whatever reason.

5. Rules :

On demand of the company HELI HORIZON, the customer will have to provide an ID and /or a flight confirmation proof before going on board of one of the helicopters. HELIHORIZON or the helicopter transport companies it charters keep the possibility to disembark any person or luggage which could represent a danger for the flight safety.
For the flights on R22 helicopter, the passenger weight and height must not exceed 95 kilos and 1,95 meter.
For the flights on R44 helicopter, the passenger weight and height must not exceed 115 kilos and 1,95 meter.

6. Litigation :

Any litigation, contestation, absence of payment or any other difficulty, related to our services, will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the tribunal of Versailles. Exception for the cases submitted to the rules to the public order jurisdiction.

7. Insurances :

Insurance costs, covering each passenger with regards to the civil liability related to the aircrafts used are included. Objects taken by passengers are not taken into account by our insurance companies.

8. Subcontracting :

HELI HORIZON keeps the right to subcontract some of its services with companies or organizations in conditions as stated previously.